St. Augustine Catholic School

Our Mission Statement

"Since parents are the primary educators of their children, our mission is to assist parents in fulfilling their right and duty to educate and form basic religious attitudes, thus preparing the child to develop into a mature Christian witness."

St. Augustine School educates children from preschool through the eighth grade.  Operated as a ministry of St. Augustine Parish and the Diocese of Toledo, the school serves the children of the parish and from adjacent parishes without Catholic schools.  St. Augustine School also welcomes non-Catholic children whose parents want to provide a value-based education for their children.
St. Augustine School emphasizes Catholic values through the curriculum with service projects, local and global mission efforts, and liturgical planning and participation.
The St. Augustine School philosophy parallels the Diocese of Toledo School district philosophy:
"St. Augustine School assists parents in preparing their children to assume their Christian vocation; in preparing their children to use their God-given abilities to develop their knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes; in preparing their children to become people of faith inside and outside the school setting; in preparing their children to integrate their experience of living and learning at each stage of their development; in preparing their children to understand we are all part of God's community; in preparing their children to work for themslves as well as the common good of the community of mankind; in preparing their children to pray.  Our ultimate goal is union with Jesus Chris, the way, the truth, and the life."

Parents who choose St. Augustine to assist their efforts to educate their child are investing in their child's future by providing a lifelong gift. A solid academic program infused with Catholic values and supported by parents will go a long way to help children develop into mature Christian witnesses.

210 E. Clinton St.
Napoleon, Ohio  43545
Father J. Douglas Garand, Pastor
Office:  (419) 592-7656
Parish Fax: (419) 592-6316
Rectory: (419) 592-7665

722 Monroe St.
Napoleon, Ohio 43545
Mr. James George, Principal

Office: 419-592-3641